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Bespoke Barn Chandelier

Due to the configurations of the ceilings construction we couldn’t hang one large chandelier in the middle of the room, therefore, in order to create ambient light and to get around the ceilings beam and sky walk obstructions we plotted a layout on Auto CAD and then projected the positions onto the 7m high ceiling with a laser to indicate where the flat inserts would be recesses into the ceiling. To enable us t set the scenes without the need of running switch wires on the surface of the listed beam we made the connections on a board in the loft to a RAKO Wireless Control System. Now we could set the scenes and control it from the App or wall scene switches on the circuits.

1. Chandelier

2. High adjustable beam spots

3. LED uplighting from the beams to the roof

4. Landing recess dim to warm

5. Integrated LED in gallery balustrade.

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