Designed for you, sourced direct and delivered on site.

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Previously, larger scale lights have had limited supply and consequently come with a price tag reflecting this. However, through our close links and on site personal we are able to design and supply lights quickly that have been built to your satisfaction and to the right size by using our experience, knowledge and connections that we have gained over the past 25 years.  Our bespoke chandeliers are made to order at the size, finish and design that you require.

Crystal Quality Index

K9 optic crystal glass is relatively lighter and higher quality compared to other glass crystals. Its low production cost, low-dispersal properties, high refractive index and high clarity makes it a perfect option in high end chandeliers as it offers both durability and high quality at a reasonable price. Each design is tailored to the clients desires down to the smallest requirements, even including the finishing  shape of the crystals.

Each crystal is joined together with a metal clip that is colour coordinated to the fitting. The metal clip is used to enable the hanging distance to remain constant and consistent meaning that the relative position of the crystals are maintained.

We are direct importers of lighting that has been designed by our in-house design team and overseen by British engineers.

“We realise our clients expectations and ensure that they are met every step of the way”

By liaising frequently with our British engineers overseas we have been able to make any amendments, whether big or small, as the regular communication from both ends gives us all an excellent 

understanding of the clients expectations and requirements. For example, a current client of ours requested for their chandelier to be shorter in depth as they wished to maintain a larger gap between their table below and the light in order to retain the view through the window without obscuring it.

Crossbow Range

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Chiltern View Range

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The Malvern Range

Available to view in our showroom.

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