One of a Kind...

As seen previously on our 'Bespoke Chandeliers' page is the hand-drawn designs of our Crossbow Range. However, now you all have the chance to see the finish product.

Our client came to us with a vision of having a range of stunning, crystal chandeliers bespokely made for over a table in their kitchen, over the stairs and on the wall of their hallway.

After many conversations on what they wanted the final outcome to look like, we drafted the technical designs of a beautiful, multi-layered crystal chandelier that also had coordinating wall lights. Our client then requested for the original designs to be adjusted so that they were shorter in depth to prevent obscuring the view through the window.

The lights can be designed with several different options of crystals, in both different shapes and colours. By giving our client these options they have the choice in what their final outcome will look like, making it the ultimate bespoke chandelier. With every little detail being adjustable to suit your desires you really can create one of a kind.

When in Venice...


Whilst in Venice, Grant and his wife were travelling up and down the Grand Canal each day passing this magnificent building of a large open facade in which were hanging multiple chandelier arrangements. The art exhibition 'DYSFUNCTIONAL' was displayed at the Ca’d’Oro’. Many artists displayed their recent creations whihc had been inspired by playing with the boundaries of art, architecture and design. On the last day they decided to visit the exhibition to get a closer look. Grants wife turned to him to comment on how magnificent the 'Under A Light Tree' was when they overheard the parents of Nacho Carbonell disclaim that it is their sons work. After congratulating his parents for their sons talents we conversed with Nacho himself about his designs and then gladly posed in some pictures with the three of them, shown below. It was one of those unplanned moments that actually became a highlight of their week in Venice. It is from artworks such as this that generally form the inspiration for lighting design in domestic and commercial enviroments.

'Moment of Happiness' - Vehoeven Twins

Also, in contrasting structural and material design were the meta-acrylic bubbles, found on the top floor of the Ca’d’Oro’, that captured the natural light as well as conveying the reflection from the integral LEDS.

This is the sort of work that inspires product such as this (above), which we have previously supplied from a regular Italian supplier of ours.

The Ca’d’Oro’

'Under A Light Tree' - Nacho Carbonell 2019
Nacho Carbonell

Carbonell's designs are made using locally sourced materials he finds near his studio, in Eindhoven.  He creates tree-like sculptures help together by steel branches, adorned with 'mesh cacoons'. The cacoons are made using steel mesh and covered in a mix of sand and textile hardener.

“ I like to see objects as living organisms, imagining them coming alive and being able to surprise you with their behaviour. I want to create objects with my hands, then I can give them my personality. I turn them into communicative objects that can arouse one’s sensations and imagination. In short, what I want to create are objects with a fictional or fantasy element, that allow you to escape everyday life.”

- Nacho Carbonell

Nacho Carbonell
and his Father.
Grant Orsborn captured
'Under A Light Tree'.
The Ca’d’Oro Courtyard
Grant Orsborn, Nacho Carbonell and Traci Orsborn.

Homebuilding & Renovating Show

Prewer & Orsborn exhibited at the Home Building and Renovating show on the 4th to 5th of October at the Excel London. For us the show was a great sucess, receiving many equires and attracting a lot of attention! We displayed two of our Bespoke Chandeliers, our exclusive POD Recess Lights, Rako Lighting Control and an example of our Lighting Plan and Bill Of Merchandise (BOM).

RGB Acrylic Chandelier
Lighting Plan and BOM
PODesign Recesses

Bespoke Lighting Sculpture

A Unique Request...

A client came to us with a rather unique request. Within their house they currently have a large fish sculpture at one end of an apex and was looking for something that would compliment it 
at the opposite end of the room. During the consultation for the extensive extension to their riverside property we looked at ways to enhance and personalise the large living space. The client showed us the steel fish sculptures that were to be mounted on the gable end of the entrance to the extension and we wished to balance this feature with a coordinating feature at the opposite, fully-glazed gable window that over-looks the gardens and the river, without obscuring the view. We had in mind a light that we had previously supplied that resembles a metal sculpture and is hand made by Florentine Artisans from a company that we have dealt with for many years and are acommdating on bespoke items and finishes. The client was immediately taken with the design, however, realising this wouldn't be quite big enough we got in touch with the supplier and commisioned them to make the same light but at a diameter of 1m and asked if it could be finished in the same flame-treated way that brings out the different colours on the metal and then sealed with a gloss varnish- in order for the blue finish to match perfectly to the same of the large fish sculpture and to represent a fishes iridesent scales.​ We then had to create a custom designed hanging system so that the structure could be suspended from the pointed roof of the apex, which was allowed due to there being no ridge beam.

The shape of the lights mimic the slim, matt black pendants that are being used over the kitchen peninsula and have been chosen to minimise their impact on the visual sight lines of the new extension. Also in 2700k and CRI90, the lights will be set into scenes by using RAKO Lighting Controls. Continuing the theme of stylising minimilism with low glare, energy efficient lighting. The entrance to the family living area has three urban grey, adjustable light sources that whilst washing up and down the walls an also be tilted and directed as a reading light for the occasional furniture.

The light is independently lit by the low-glare light box with an adjustable lense so the light can be focused on the sculpture and then either side, two focus-in lenses to be able to light the table below the sculpture to prevent a mirage of shadows beneath. These lights are available in various colour tempertures. We have chosen 2700k to match the warmth of the rest of the scheme aswell as the extremely high colour rendering index of 90+ so there would be no drop in quality of light from our best selling POD Dim to Warm Curve Recess Range. These lights are all finished in RAL9010 so that they all blend into the ceiling.


Prewer & Orsborn’s Latest Garden Lighting Design

A regular client of ours came to us with a garden project in which the outcome was impeccable. From the video below you can see the amount of effort and thought that had been put into the project from both our side and our clients. This is only possible due to the good communication on both behalfs.

Visit To Litchtwoche Sauerland 10/03/2019

Last week Grant was a guest of EuroLamps, Ian Dormer, who has been an acting agent for lighting companies for many years. Two of the companies he represents from Germany were exhibiting at LICHTWOCHE SAUERLAND, a fair where the exchange of innovations and future trends takes place. The Lichtwoche Sauerland is the trade fair and meeting place for renowned manufacturers, dealers and resellers of luminaries and lamps in the Lichtregion Sauerland. 


Also on display was the new generation of modern linier lights available in gold leaf as well as chrome black and white. Detail below shows the colour variation’s adjustable from the remote control.

It would seem that the innovative German companies are dealing with the two issues of dimming Leds and controlling the colour Temperature (CT) by providing remote controls with the lights, some have built in Passive sensors to control the lights functions at the wave of a hand. Also functions can be controlled from a standard wall switch by just an on-off-on-set function.


One such light was the bathroom wall lights that could be left on at night time for a low level 

courtesy light or can then be raised up to a makeup perfect brightness just by touching any part of the light.


Another light that we could see a great use for was the ceiling light, pictured to the left, that has a Remote function to change the CT and the brightness. Ideal in a kitchen where high variable scenes are used for different situations.


A lot of the Lights seemed to have been designed as wall art style decoration as well as for illumination that can as these three below be combined on one wall.

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