Prewer & Orsborn understand the commitment and time needed to create a bespoke lighting system for clients. Home owners are now recognising the benefits of a professionally designed lighting scheme

Taking the full construction process of new builds and renovations into consideration, Prewer & Orsborn recognises the importance of involving lighting design at the earliest opportunity within the construction timeline, allowing design consideration for first fix as well as the budget. We are able to deliver the goods with expert help through the second fix stages with installation and electrical loading information. 


The service we provide enables us to work with you and either add a lighting scheme, based on client meetings, or just physically supply all the lighting from a project shopping list. Your client then receives the benefit of one point of contact and takes away all the stresses and strains of buying from multiple suppliers. We offer an extra benefit to your client at no extra cost and an enhanced build environment with a time saving to you.

“The form and function of the luminaires needs to be carefully considered and correctly located and orientated. Prewer & Orsborn always seek to liase with architects in order for ideas to align and in turn, maximise the effectiveness of the design."
Grant Orsborn 

Lighting control is a key element of functional illumination and productivity within design.

Lighting controls are used in lighting design projects to achieve a high quality energy efficient lighting system.


Specifying a layered, integrated lighting and control system gives the occupants control of the lighting while providing appropriate lighting levels, minimizing glare, balancing surface brightness, and enhancing the surrounding architecture.

A building needs to be illuminated to enhance its architectural features and also create a harmonious living environment. 

Consultation can include the project architect at our converted barn showroom positioned just off the M1 and accessible from J11a and 12, which can then be preceded by a site visit by the lighting designer.

Let our team advise on the use of LED profile integration into the build stage for powerful building enhancement at a low install cost.

Please contact us for further information on how lighting control can be incorporated into the design and communicated to the on site trades.

Light and shade in all the right places, highlighting features such as art work or working surfaces.

Technical Detailing

The lighting design process involves a detailed lighting circuit and fixture drawing with product installation detail and bill of merchandise. 


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