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Introducing our new POD Mini Spots

Introducing a new addition to our POD Range, the POD Mini Spot allows us to highlight features where a discreet anti-glare fitting is required. Featuring a high quality built in LED, used in the hotel industry, these luminaires are designed specifically to be as unnoticeable as possible. Combine these with a passive sensor on a landing to operate as a subtle night light.

In this Kitchen scene, the existing pendants and under cupboard lighting (both not supplied by us) didn’t quite offer enough illumination required for our client on the work surface below. We have supplemented the existing lighting by using both our POD Mini Spots over the Kitchen Island and our POD Curve 15w Dim to Warm in order to make to work area more functional.

You can see clearly the size difference between our standard PODs and our POD Mini Spots. Our POD Curves are designed with a 60 degree soft spread of light and the 15w of power enables us to have a greater distance between the lights and minimises the runway effect of multiple fittings on the ceiling. The design of the lights, as such, minimises their intrusion on the aesthetics of the kitchen but maximises the lighting effects to enhance your kitchens features as well as the practicality. Kitchens today have much more of a visual inclusion on the interior design of your home but they still need to retain functionality. The POD Mini Spots create a directional 22 degree angle which can be seen in comparison by the casting shadows on the work surface below. The POD Mini Spots can also be paired with a passive sensor and used within Bathrooms or Hallways as a discreet night light.

From this we then move into scene control. The clever blend of the different circuits in the kitchen, using our scene setting control system, can then create the four primary functions and allow for them to be lit accordingly - full light, making a coffee first thing in the morning, middle of the night lighting and mood lighting for dinner parties.

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