When developing a house to retail, the priorities change. 

Money invested needs to yield a return.

This can be in the initial impression of a lighting scheme and features that will make it more marketable to potential buyers.

Self sourcing of products or leaving the decisions in the hands of contractors can lead to unneeded costs and an inferior product.

Time spent gathering decisions from clients can lead to delay and cost.


Our objective is to supply the lighting goods into the scheme that we design, together balancing investment and return and achieving a more marketable property.

“Grant gave us a design that we were able to implement economically and effectively, with good liaison with the relevant trades and a working drawing to communicate positions and loadings. The finished effect and benefits were a factor in us being able to market the property and achieve a quick completion, even unfurnished it had a style and mood about the rooms.”

Richard Voller

Richmond Housing Solutions

We know what works and can provide a scheme that can be made future proof. Feature lighting choices can be made post sale direct with the client. 

We are first and foremost a lighting supply based business, run by a group of time served designers. We source directly so our prices are very competitive and from proven manufacturers. 

For key basic items we have a range that meets all the latest building regulation requirements, but with a performance criteria that can create the desired ambience.

In partnership with developers, a complete lighting quotation and bill of merchandise is created with reference to all working drawings. 

bill of merchandise.jpeg

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