Dear Customers,

Due to all that is happening with the coronavirus we have sadly and reluctantly decided to close our doors to all customers.​ However, our team of consultants will still be working and are here to answer all of your questions and enquires. ​

We can still communicate without sharing the same space, we can give advice and recommendations based on experience and knowledge via the many online mediums of communication we have available. You can balance your decisions and your purchases in your own time, meaning you can secure in the knowledge we will provide you with to give you the right lights and designs. 

There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

Recently, we started closing the showroom to the public on certain days of the week to enable us to concentrate on our project work, which involves guiding our customers through their choice of lights, from the extensive range that we can supply. We have specialised as a consultancy and design studio since we opened at the turn of the millennium. At Prewer & Orsborn we have three consultants who service the home improvement, self build homeowners & design side, where we develop complete plans and drawings through consultations.


Our unique skill is to interpret the needs of our clients’ style and functionality, using our technical and design skills. The vast change that Coronavirus will bring to the way we, as a nation of traders, "Trade"  will, we believe at Prewer & Orsborn, have a positive outcome on how we conduct our service. 


We can still communicate without sharing the same space. We can give advice and recommendations based on experience and knowledge, via the many mediums of online communication we have available, and you can make your decisions and purchases in your own time, secure in the knowledge that we will provide you with the right lights and design. 

During this period, there will be no design or consultation fees and our discount structure will be as generous as it always is. 


Prewer and Orsborn believe that during this period it is important to maintain as much communication and commerce as feasibly possible. Life goes on and we consider this as an opportunity to improve our customer service and even lower our carbon footprint. 


Many customers are involved in their own self builds and improvements to their properties. The information and communications will be just as necessary when we return to normal, planning preparation can only cost your time and ours, and we all have plenty of that on our hands at the moment.


Email the showroom at and we will make contact with you regarding your enquiry.


Looking forward with positivity. 

Keep safe, stay healthy and support each other.



Grant Orsborn 

Managing Director and Biscuit thief 

Prewer & Orsborn LTD.

The Island Of Burano, Venice, Italy 10th Oct 2019

From concept to reality we are with you every step of the way.
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With over 30 years of experience in lighting and lighting control, Prewer & Orsborn work tirelessly to retain constant market influence and promote current trends from around the world.

At prewer & orsborn our main objective is to create a unique customer experience whereby the needs of all parties involved in the design are considered. 


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